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Quick Guide to Choosing Gold and Platinum Wedding Rings

Nothing symbolizes the marriage union between bride and groom more than their wedding rings. The ring, with no beginning and no end, implies a sense of forever and the metal gives a strong a sense of permanence, two main qualities of healthy and lasting marital relationship.

gold platinum wedding rings

And nothing says forever like gold and platinum wedding rings. These precious metals mark the permanence of a lifelong commitment, and will endure beyond decades of married life.

Here's a super quick guide to gold vs. platinum wedding bands.

Whereas gold is a traditional setting, platinum has taken off as the newest trend in wedding jewelry. The decision to go for the gold or opt for platinum is based on the personal style of the bride and groom. However, certain factors may contribute to the couple’s wedding ring selection.


What does your wedding ring say about you? Platinum is geared toward a more modern look, whereas gold is traditionally beautiful. When evaluating your style, consider the future as well as the present, as you will quite possibly be wearing this ring for years to come.


If shopping by price, gold offers the best value for your money. While platinum is more durable than gold, it is also more expensive. If a couple longs for a light-colored metal but cannot afford platinum, they may consider opting for a white gold wedding ring as an affordable alternative.


While gold will stand the test of time, platinum is a stronger and more durable metal. Couples that decide on gold should select 14-18k wedding rings. For gold, high karats mean intense color but less durability.

Match Existing Jewelry

Look at your (and your fiance's) jewelry collection. Do you see gold, silver or a combination of both? If a bride typically wears only silver jewelry, she may wish for a platinum ring to accent her existing pieces; conversely, a gold jewelry fan would likely pick a gold ring.

Grooms may wish to match their ring to their favorite watch or ID bracelet. If a couple has different tastes, they may choose a wedding ring that incorporates multiple colors.

Allergic Reactions to Metals

If the bride or groom reacts to the metals found in certain types of jewelry, a platinum wedding ring is the way to go. Over 90 percent pure, platinum is hypoallergenic to most people.

White Metals: Palladium, Platinum, White Gold, Sterling Silver

Learn which metal is the right one for YOUR wedding ring in this excellent video. You'll discover the differences between the main white metals: Palladium, platinum, white gold, and sterling silver.

Whatever your decision, gold and platinum wedding rings are a wonderful way to express your love and commitment to each other.