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Trisha Lendroth
Lead Vocals

In Locomotion Since: 2016

Trisha grew up in New Haven, Connecticut where she was influenced by a wide variety of cultures and music genres ranging from rock to hip hop to musical theater.

Trisha had been singing privately most of her life, and did not begin performing for audiences until her late teens.

Now, Trisha has been performing for 10+ years in a variety of musical groups including Nocheez Orchestra (Progressive/Theatrical Rock), The Groove Junkies (Dance/Covers), Triadic (Progressive/Metal), as well as many other cover bands, studio sessions, and back up singing for national artists.

Trisha enjoys singing all musical styles and loves keeping an audience on its toes (especially on the dance floor)!

Trisha attended Southern Connecticut State University majoring in studio art, and presently works in business operations at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.