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Gary Pajor

In Locomotion Since: 1987
Founding Member

Gary started playing drums at age three, keeping time with two pencils (sticks!) and cigar boxes (first kit!) while listening to vinyl records spinning on the family record player turntable. Growing up in Berlin, CT, he started drum lessons in elementary school and made his first professional appearance as the drummer in the Berlin Repertory Theater's 1975 production of "Godspell" in the summer after finishing the fifth grade.

He studied drums privately for six years up through high school, first under Tony Lupia and then with Rich Baccaro. Throughout high school, he had his own roster of young drumming students teaching beginning to advanced drum set methods, played drums and percussion in various high school ensembles, performed in the pit orchestra with several area community theater projects, and went on to play percussion and timpani in the symphony orchestra in college at Cornell University.

Major influences and favorite drummers include Dave Weckl, Jeff Porcaro, Gary Novak, Tommy Igoe, Billy Ward, Rick Latham, and Simon Phillips. Playing in Locomotion has been the focus of his professional music career, but he has also been called upon to be a fill-in drummer for other well known local Connecticut bands.