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4 Unique Wedding Centerpieces That Will Wow Your Guests
wedding centerpiece flowers

Your wedding guests will spend a lot of time at their tables during your wedding reception. A table centerpiece will be the focus of their attention so you might as well make an effort to really wow them and have something they will remember and talk about for a long time after leaving your wedding.

A couple wanting to really impress the guests at their wedding should invest in truly unique centerpieces. Typically, most reception facilities do not provide a great deal of creativity in the decorations because they usually utilize standard table linens and place settings.

However, utilizing unique centerpieces is a great way for the wedding hosts to make their reception memorable.

Board Games

Placing board games at each guest table makes for a unique and fun centerpiece!

The idea is very unique and usually the attendees choose to play the games; the games also provide the guests at the table the incentive to introduce and have conversations with those seated at the table if they don’t know them.

This is a great option for people who do not like dancing because they will not perceive being left out of the wedding.

Live Fish

Another unique idea that your guests will talk about long after leaving your reception is to use live fish as your centerpieces. Glass bowls can be used with a few glass marbles or beads along with some exotic and colorful fish. A person could even include a small amount of fish food at the table where children will be sitting with instructions on how to avoid hurting the fish.

The kids will have fun and will be less distractive if there was a more traditional centerpiece on the table. This lively and interactive centerpiece is a sure fire hit idea with kids and will even keep adults occupied.

Pastries and Cakes

Pastries or cakes arranged on a tray and decorated with fresh flowers also make a lovely centerpiece. These sweets can be used to replace of the wedding cake. This often speeds up receptions and makes the logistics of large wedding parties getting a piece of cake simpler.

Using several pastries as centerpieces is extremely unique but it also allows the guest to select from several different types of pasties and flavors. These centerpieces can be accompanied by traditional wait staff and the pastries and cakes prepared in the kitchen for desert or they can be sliced at the individual tables for additional esthetic value.

Journal and Pens

An attractive journal that accompanies the theme of the wedding along with several pens will also provide a unique centerpiece. This type of centerpiece will look lovely on the table and should be used by the guests to write messages of congratulations or advice for the couple in the future.

The couple has a unique centerpiece and they also have a treasured souvenir of their wedding day in the kindred words recorded by their guests.

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Be aware of course that your wedding centerpieces don't have to be budget-busters. Here's an excellent video to give you some great ideas.

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